A guest house and fish restaurant on the Tsuyazaki coast in Fukutsu City, Fukuoka Prefecture


Eat luxuriously
while watching the shimmering sea

Meals and banquets

Masago’s pride is, after all, the rich and plentiful fish dishes overseen by the general manager who trained at a fish market. There are many kinds of delicious fish. Eat luxury kaiseki meals while watching the beautiful sunset.

Kaiseki Cuisine

You can eat the most delicious fish dish of the day selected by the general manager, who is a connoisseur. Our natural local fish are caught in Tsuyazaki, in the nearby sea. The matron’s secret sauce, handmade ponzu, is irresistible.

Kaiseki cooking course (13 dishes)

From 3,600 yen including tax
(contents vary depending on the season) 

Small bowl (vinegared food) / Hairtail sauce / Kanato Fugu pickled in Nanban / Scallop salad / Seasonal fish steamed / Hirasu with tea and rice / Natural fish sashimi platter / Chawanmushi / Fish miso soup / Rice / Pickles / Mozuku / Hairtail in pickled plum sauce

Kaiseki cooking course (15 dishes)

4,400 yen including tax

(* 2 items added to the 3,600 yen course)

Kaiseki cooking course (16 dishes)

4,950 yen tax included

(*1 item added to the 4,300 yen course)

Kaiseki cooking course + raw flatfish

5,500 yen including tax

Kaiseki cooking course + raw spiny lobster

6,600 yen including tax

All-you-can-drink plan

All-you-can-drink (2 hours) for meal fee + 2,200 yen including tax

Nabe (Hot Pot)

Limited to winter, we have hot pot dishes. This is perfect winter food!
You will be full of happiness and full from our delicious yosenabe, that makes you feel relaxed.
You can cook hot porridge by adding rice, melting the eggs, and sprinkling in the green onions.

Seafood + meat hot pot

3,600 yen including tax

A generous serving of fresh fish, meat, vegetables, tofu, etc. which are carefully selected by the general manager, such as angler fish, kiara, and kana! The ponzu vinegar specially made by the proprietress is exquisite and irresistible.

All-you-can-drink plan

All-you-can-drink (2 hours) for meal fee + 2,200 yen including tax


Hors d'oeuvres
★ 3,600 yen + all-you-can-drink 2,200 yen (2 hours)

Hors d’oeuvre

3,600 yen including tax~

All-you-can-drink plan

All-you-can-drink (2 hours) for meal fee + 2,200 yen including tax

Room Information

Table seat

You can choose a tatami room or a room with tables and chairs. The tables are large, so you can spread out your things. It’s easy for young and old to use these rooms. Private rooms are also available, so it is perfect for New Year’s parties, welcome parties, and various banquets.

Please feel free to contact us.

Children’s Lunch

1,300 yen including tax

Gyoza (Japanese dumplings)

Our general manager’s father owned a dumpling shop. This is a secret menu item – you can enjoy the taste of this inherited recipe!

5-month-a-person 350 ye
n Take home 8-month-long 550 yen


Orange juice, cider, cola, oolong tea¥260
Chuhai Lemon / Lime / Cassis¥460
Umeshu Rock / Mizuwari / Sour¥460
Shochu (potato / wheat / rice / soba)¥460
Large bottle of beer¥750
Cold sake (300 ml)¥840
Shochu (5 go, about 0.9 liters) potato / wheat / rice / soba¥2,600
Bottle of wine (red / white)¥2,600
※Karaoke: Please let us know when you make a reservation. Price: 3,000 yen


Reservations for kaiseki cuisine can be made by pho
ne. Please feel free to contact us.

*When making a reservation, please let us know the number of people, your budget for food, and whether or not karaoke is required.
*Reservations are available for from 5 to 50 people.
*Rooms with karaoke equipment are limited. (Rooms with a karaoke machine are 3000 yen extra.)
*Free pick-up and drop-off within Fukutsu city. (Consultation required)

*Cancellation policy: 50% cancellation on the day before, 100% cancellation on the day

Come for banquets such as year-end parties, new year parties, farewell parties, welcome parties, memorial services, cherry blossom viewing, general meetings, rallies, consolation parties, golf competition parties, etc.

You are welcome to spend the night after your banquet.
*Reservation required
There is a shuttle bus (free in Fukutsu city)