A guest house and fish restaurant on the Tsuyazaki coast in Fukutsu City, Fukuoka Prefecture


While looking at the sea
Kaiseki cuisine of natural fish

The sound of the waves
While listening
A relaxing night at a guest house

Welcome to Masago!

We are a seaside house in the summer and a kaiseki restaurant during the off-season.

You can swim in the sea, participate in training camps and enjoy barbecues in summer. In addition, our rooms are very reasonably priced during the off-season, which makes our guest house popular for long-term stays. Enjoy a relaxing time while gazing at the sea of Fukuma, which has become famous for its path of light!

Meals and banquets

Masago’s general manager, who trained at a fish market, will make sure that we have plenty of delicious fish for connoisseurs! There is no doubt that you will be satisfied! We accept reservations for lunch and dinner for 2 or more people, so you can enjoy a banquet with a small number of people even during the daytime on weekdays.

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Come and enjoy the warmth that makes you feel as if you are in a relative’s house! The price is reasonable and long-term stays are easy to arrange.

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The beach barbecue is simply great fun!
You can come empty-handed or bring your own food to grill!

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Sea bathing

(July 1st 〜 August 31st)

When you come to the calm, beautiful, and little-known Fukuma coast, including Tsuyazaki Beach, you will feel like Masago is a gorgeous resort!
It’s a summer paradise that you can easily experience on a day trip from Fukuoka City!

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Neighborhood Guide

The tsuyazaki coast with the sea, the forest, the shrine, the bath, and the masago is full of charm! Please enjoy slowly.

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