A guest house and fish restaurant on the Tsuyazaki coast in Fukutsu City, Fukuoka Prefecture


A guest house in front of the sea
Your home away from home


Why don’t you enjoy a relaxing trip in a friendly inn where the neighbors stop by casually? Reasonable prices, so perfect for long-term stays! For training camps and construction workers, it is especially recommended to eat homemade home-cooked food, which is kind to the body!

Accommodation Plan

Photo: Double room

We have 6 rooms of various sizes. In our seaside rooms, the sound of the waves is comforting, and you may be able to see the setting sun that dyes the entire sky red, and the “Moon Road”. The rooms on the forest side are adjacent to a pine forest, so your stay will be quiet and peaceful.

[Accomodation without meals] Plan

Price / 1 person, adult 3,800 yen
Child 3,250 yen
Toddler 2,700 yen

Remarks: Bedding and bath are available. Please pay the fee before your stay.

[1 night with breakfast] Plan

Price / 1 person Adult 4,500 yen
Child 3,950 yen
Toddler 3,400 yen

Remarks: Breakfast is included.

[1 night with 2 meals] Plan

Price / 1 person Adult 6,000 yen
Child 5,450 yen
Toddler 4,900 yen

Remarks: Dinner and breakfast are included.

[1 night with 2 meals] Barbecue plan [Summer only]

Price / 1 person Adult 7,800 yen
Child 6,750 yen
Toddler 5,700 yen

Remarks: Supper will be BBQ. Breakfast is also included.

[1 night with 2 meals] Banquet plan

Price / 1 person Kaiseki course price + 4,500 yen for accomodation
Example: When ordering kaiseki cuisine for 3,800 yen
3,800 yen + 4,500 yen (accommodation fee) = 8,300 yen.

Remarks: Breakfast is also included.

Accommodation check-in 16: 00-20:00
Check-out 10:00 (summer 9:00)
Number of rooms 6 private rooms 3 large rooms
Facilities: Banquet hall, karaoke, bathhouse
Banquet hall capacity: Up to 50 people
Room facilities TV / air conditioning

Cancellation policy: 100% fee for cancellation on the day of the reservation.
A 50% cancellation fee will be charged for cancellation the day before the reservation.


Please feel free to contact us!

* Please let us know the number of people and the plan name when making a reservation.
* Free pick-up and drop-off within Fukutsu city. (Consultation required.)

Accommodation example

Training camp customers!
Training camp customers!In the middle
of nature!

Our guesthouse is ideal for jogging on a beautiful sandy beach that stretches for nearly 3km. There are a gymnasium, martial arts hall, tennis court, outdoor running practice area, indoor heated pool, and various other facilities, and this is a good environment for training camp. (Please contact us for pick-up and drop-off.) At night, On the last day, a barbecue will be a great way to end your fun training camp!

Accommodation example: 3 nights and 4 days training camp (1 adult)
with BBQ on the last day

1 night with 2 meals (6,000 yen) x 2 nights
1 night with barbecue (7,800 yen) x 1 night
Total 19,800 yen (consumption tax, accommodation tax included)

Customers staying at work,
such as those involved in construction work

Masago is also very useful for construction workers and those who are staying for long-term work. The guest rooms are separated by walls instead of sliding doors, and there are 5 or more private rooms separated by a corridor, so it is popular knowledge that there are few troubles and you can sleep well.

Accommodation example: 3 weeks (1 adult) fee
One night with two meals (set meal 6,000 yen for dinner) x 20 nights
Total 120,000 yen (consumption tax, accommodation tax included)

Customers staying at work,
such as those involved in construction work
Fishing customersA leisurely

There are many fishing spots around Masago, such as the nearby Fukutsu fishing port and Tsuyazaki fishing port! There are places where you can rent a boat, and in recent years some people have rented paddleboards and used them to go fishing.
If you enjoy fishing all day long, and at night you can have a drink of sake while eating kaiseki cuisine.

Accommodation example: For weekend fishing
One night with two meals 6,000 yen
Total 6,000 yen (consumption tax, accommodation tax included)